The Capital Area Music Project was a dream in the mind of founder Brian Miller for many years.

As the owner and master instructor of Cutting Edge Martial Arts, I was witness to many amazing transformations that martial arts provided for students.  As a performing musician in the downtown Saratoga scene, it was always a dream to be able to create a center for arts, sports, fitness and wellness, so that students could express themselves through their unique interests.

Today, that dream is becoming a reality.  The Soul Center is the name of our shared space in Price Chopper Plaza in Saratoga.  With 10,000 sq. ft, we have created a center with a martial arts school, private massage rooms, an indoor baseball training center called Sluggers Den, Fitness Boot Camps with Saratoga Fit Boot Camps, and now a music center, called CAMP. 

Cutting Edge has proven to be a leader, innovator and creater of many new and unique programs within the martial arts.  We wanted to take this approach and bring it to music instruction.  Utilizing the SMART MUSIC SOFTWARE, a high definition digital projector, teaching in small group lessons and creating a class structure that models the martial arts, we are going to set a new bar for music! 

Lastly and most important, we went out to find the best music teachers we could...and we succeeded.  Each of our teachers were hand selected over many worthy candidates.  What made them stick out?  They were not only masters of their unique instruments, but they are mentors and role models that our young students can be proud to look up to.   

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