At CAMP, we wanted to be able to offer high quality recording, in a professional environment, all for a fraction of the cost of traditional studios....and now we do!  


Utilizing the Presonus famliy of digital mixing boards and Studio One Producer Software, we have the ability to create extraordinary quality recordings, digitally produced audio tracks and much more.  This is the new standard for recording equipment and because Presonus made everything so easy and affordable, we can pass the savings on to you. 


For bands, we have one of the best in house drum kits, miced and ready to record.  A 7 Piece DW Collectors Series to be exact.  Bring your symbols and we are ready for you to rock out (Of course you can use your own kit if you prefer). 


Whether you are a single, duo or a full band, we can help you to produce a record that you and everyone you know can be proud of. 


With rates starting as low as $40 per hour, it is a great time to get in the studio and get working!

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